Eh, Eh, Wicket lele!

We all heard and danced on Gangnam Style, time to hear that Indian Cricket version of it!

Oppa Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

Shami, Aaron, Umesh, Jadeja
Can take wickets but fail outside Asia
Bante captain pe bojha
20 Test wickets is a fantasy
Kya is janam mein kabhi aisa hoga?

Bowling dekho, hosh ko baitho,
Hau kya koi devta unka toh bolo hey

Jab jao bahar India tab sudhorooooo?

Mat Hago Desi Style


Op, op, op, op
Haggga Desi Style
Gangnam Style.

Op, op, op, op
Oppa Gangnam Style

Eh wicket lele
Oh oh oh,
Bowl line and length mate

Eh, wicket lele
0 0 0 0 0 0
Get those maidens bhai!

Ashwin extra shana hai
Yadav dimag se kaana hai
Tail wickets ke classes lo
Warna jeet nahi aasaan hai
Dhoni ya Kohli ka placement
Cement aur Sharma hai
Srini hai… hey

Bowling apni please improve karlo, please sudhorooooo

Itna kardo cricket pe ehsan gadhonnn…

Don’t bowl the leg line
All are not Haddin bhai

Oh, oh, oh, oh
But pakdao ek  line..
Mat jao saare offline…

Just an attempt to get the frustration of watching the Indian Test team bowl outside Asia. Yes, feel for us! All in good spirits!

Feedback appreciated!


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