Dear Lord, Hughes, There was still time!

On Phillip Joel Hughes – 

It’s how in our childhood that our parents kept calling us back home, when it went dark, stopping us from playing and we said,  Come on Mom, ‘There is still time!’
It seems the parent up there too cared and valued you more than us and called you and we all are left saying, ‘There was still time!’

One tucked round the corner! (Image Courtesy: Sony Six)


Your technique wasn’t the most pleasing to the eye, the front foot across, shuffle across off and nudge, accommodation was your forte, the acceleration could wait since you knew ‘There is still time!’

You got out on a 4-ball duck to Steyn on your Test debut, trying to slap a shortish delivery over the slip cordon, playing to your strength, you got a duck but you did not leave that shot since you knew ‘There is still time!’

You took on the best in the World, scored twin tons, at the age of just 20, against the best in the business and in their den, becoming the youngest to have twin tons in a Test, and many of us thought, this lad is something and ‘There is still time!’

You got out in similar fashion, the short ball hurting, but you didn’t give up, you fought, came back even harder, grittier, since you knew, ‘There is still time!’

The smile that will stay in the hearts! (Image Courtesy: Twitter)
You didn’t have many admirers for your technique, style of play, but that didn’t bother you, you knew what you were doing, and you loved what you did, since you knew for proving yourself, ‘There is still time!’

You were dropped, sacked as selectors never gave you a long run, but that didn’t stop you from smiling, because you knew, ‘There is still time!

I didn’t quite admire the way you batted, reckoned you had talent but wasn’t sure if was worth touching millions, and I thought, you will come back and maybe play a gem and change my mind, since ‘There is still time!’

This Tuesday when the bouncer took you out, you were too early, not ready, we weren’t ready, and you left us all. Collapsing to tears, as we all watched your best mate, your skipper give a tribute to you, we all wished you came back, since we all assumed, ‘There is still time!’

We all will take care of Sean Abbott, we all know it was not his fault and we all will do our best to save him, since for him we know, ‘There is still time!’

When the world did #putoutyourbats, it showed that irrespective of all our fan wars, and lying under influence, the fans of the game ain’t corrupt, and gave tribute to you! The show must go on, there is a Test series to be played but we all are now saying ‘There is still time!’

RIP Hughes! As long I follow this game, by my heart, and live, you will be in my heart, prayers for I know there is nothing more pleasing in life than doing what we love and you did what you loved and left us a great inspiration, if the world is not convinced, we’ll say to ourselves, ‘There is still time!’

No, I did not plan to write this, but I can’t keep to myself, that smile is not going to disappear from my mind ever, as much as I have loved and followed this game of cricket, will always respect and remember how fragile our lives are and will work today and hope for the hard work to pay off, since ‘There is still time!’

Phil, Happy Birthday mate! I hope you are celebrating up there with Don and Lord and you can for sure tell them, ‘There was still time!’

Just what I feel on Hughes! Apologies for any mistake! Live long Hughes! #No63 #Hughesy


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