Interview with Sachin’s Bat.

Down The Ground


Sachin has retired. He won’t be playing cricket again. And that is sad. But before he goes away from our lives, everyone wants to have as much of him as possible. I am no different. I too want to have as much of Sachin as possible.

Like many other people, I decided to interview him as well. Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t even get close to him. Sachin was busy, taking awards, collectimg mementoes, getting photos taken, delivering thank you speeches and had no time for an interview with me. Neither did his wife, his friends, his relatives, his assistant, his maid or his driver. They were all busy too.


So then, in a corner of the room, away from all the hustle, I saw his bat, lying down. The little piece of wood, Sachin’s better half on the cricket pitch. Something he can’t be imagined without. Given that it was such…

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